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It's Tax Protest Season in Texas

It's Tax Protest Season in Texas

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Tis the season to be protesting property taxes.  And many of you will be filing a protest.   First thing, having your Real Estate Agent providing sales isn’t going to help you and might actually hurt your neighbor.  That sold data you provide is kept by taxing authorities, and you may be inadvertently providing data that hasn’t been provide by your neighbor.   What should you do? 

File for protest and request the “appraisal packet”.  The packet is all the details on your home, especially square feet.  Check it, verify all the data points are correct.  Trust me, the county appraiser has NOT come to your home and measure and check all the information.  The county preforms “mass appraisal”.  If you have deferred maintenance items such as (foundation, roof, HVAC) provide this information.  Then utilize this website, look up your county and place your address in the search field.


You will see the effective tax rate on your property.  Meaning the tax rate + appraisal value.  This is looking backwards, 2021/2020 because 2022 tax rates won’t be set till July/August.

You can see when taxing entries will be discussing budget for coming year.  Show up, make your voice heard on budget.  

We have city elections in May.  ASK the candidates.  What are you doing to lower the tax rate to offset the increases in property values! Election Day is May 7th 



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